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Wind Power Permitting: Paving the Way for a 100% Renewable Energy Future
Wind Power Permitting (I): How does it work and what are the main hurdles?

In response to climate change, governments, citizens and businesses around the world are now focussing on converting energy supply to renewable energy. Wind power plays a key role in this transformation. In order to be able to build wind farms, however, investors have to go through lengthy and often challenging approval processes. Environmental and other standards must be guaranteed in order to maximise environmental and social sustainability.

What are the main challenges in approval of wind power? WWEA is launching a series of webinars that cover various aspects of permission processes.

The first #WWEAwebinar Wind Power Permitting will present general aspects and challenges, starting with a general overview and introducing the perspectives of different markets as well as the view of a wind power investor operating in different countries.
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