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The Complete Presenter: From Commanding the Room to Connecting on Zoom
Professionally speaking, we’re always presenting. Whether we’re selling ourselves in a job interview, pitching to clients or simply catching up with the rest of the team, it’s show-time. But presenting remotely isn’t remotely like presenting face to face. And, now that the presentation venue is more likely to be Zoom than a room, our learners have some serious re-skilling to do if they’re to have the same degree of impact and influence. We all know that to convince people you must first connect with them, but how do you do that when they’re distracted, multi-tasking and zoning in and out off-camera?
In this task-based session, and following on from my previous webinar on ‘Positive Influence at Work’, we’ll be focusing on how to develop a charismatic online persona and adopt a ‘middle style’ of delivery that hits the sweet spot between natural conversation and platform speaking. We’ll move on to the mastery of simple rhetorical techniques that cumulatively inject energy and enthusiasm into even the driest content and rapport devices that subtly transform monologue into engaging dialogue. We’ll try out classic storytelling templates that close the distance between the presenter and their audience and bring complex data to life. And, last but not least (at least, for me), we’ll learn how to productively use humour in the absence of audible laughter.
Teleconferencing technology is a wonderful thing, to be sure. It’s taken the stage out of stage-fright, opened up a glittering box of collaborative tools and drawn us all together globally (three cheers for that). But, at the same time, it’s taken much of the presence out of presentation, created a minefield of technical glitches and pushed us apart both physically and emotionally. In this session we’ll learn how the complete presenter can successfully make the transition from stage to screen.

Free for members of a German ELTA.
External guests are welcome for a small fee of 10€

Jan 15, 2022 01:30 PM in Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana