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Reversing Our Polarity: Moving from Us Versus Them to You and Me
- Why is it so hard to talk with those with whom we disagree?
- Why do we have negative reactions to those who are different from us?
- Why are stereotypes useful?

We welcome you to discover, explore and learn with Dr. Terry Wu on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 7pm PDT via ZOOM in a conversation about how our brains process “otherness”, why this is a normal situation, and how we can manage our way through it.

Very often, even rational decisions have many emotional elements. This is because we don’t have access to all the facts needed to make a completely logical decision and our brains can’t analyze all the information. Wherever we lack facts, emotion often kicks in and nudges us toward certain decisions without our full conscious awareness.

Dr. Terry Wu received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. He has a 30 year career in Neuroscience. Evaluations praise his ability to make the complex neurological and psychological underpinnings of behavior understandable.

Jun 22, 2022 07:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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