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[WRAP] Resource Mobilizer Drop-In Practice Group
What becomes possible when we stop ‘asking’ for money, as ‘fundraisers,’ and start organizing relational wealth as Resource Mobilizers?

As Resource Mobilizers, we prioritize cultivating networks that redirect extracted wealth back into social justice movement and community-building. WRAP’s Drop-In Practice Group offers us an opportunity to nurture our own growth and development as practitioners, with facilitation and support from peers. It’s designed as a biweekly, nine-session cycle to accommodate participants at various levels of time commitment.

Our first drop-in cycle features Resource Mobilizer Tool No.4: Ancestral Healing Loose Incense Blend. This tool calibrates the Just Transition framework to amaranth, an ancient plant and a source of our inherited ancestral wealth. It helps us identify strained or severed relationships, damaged by wealth extraction, to begin a journey of repair towards reconnectedness.

Your hosts will incorporate large and small group discussion, reflection, drills, and exercises to deepen our grounding in a more creative connection between body, mind, and heart. This root source of strength and stamina supports us in organizing the natural abundance of interconnected relationships for ourselves, our friends and families, and our communities and movements.

Like amaranth, our roots are strong, healthy, and spreading fast…

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