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#AH - How Should Agencies Approach Pricing?
“As an agency, there is often this pressure to keep on pedalling, to find another big project after another,” says Rob Sandbach, managing director of Indiespring.

“We’re a bit unusual in that we only bring on one or two clients a year, because we tend to hang onto most of them – a lot of that has to do with our pricing model and structure.”

Whether it’s a tricky client expecting too much for too little, or you’re struggling to get anyone on a retainer, pricing can be a right pain.

But Rob thinks he might have figured things out.

By offering a lower sum up front with more time to pay, clients are more likely to sign up for a retainer and keep bills paid for months on end; a three-month job worth £75k suddenly becomes £10k a month over a year.

“Once the client is used to us being around and supporting them, paired with the fact that they don’t have the in-house resource to do it on their own, it’s very difficult for them to walk away,” says Rob.

Join us as Rob takes us through the importance of transparent pricing, and how a switch up in your payment structure can keep you in the green for months ahead.

Jan 19, 2022 11:00 AM in London

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