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Magical Movements Yoga Therapy - Mechelle Davis Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Aug - Sept)..
This registration is for classes held Aug 3 - Sept 4, 2020.

You may register for 1 class or "All 3 CLASS PASS" You decide. Hint: It is cost effective to register for the "All 3 Class Pass"
Each class "individually is $25.00. Three classes $60. Still you decide.

This is an "on-going" class series There will be a one week break between series / sessions.

The cost is $60.00 for the ALL 3 CLASS PASS and $25 for the single day 5 weeks course.

The 5 week series is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am – 10:00 am.

Registration is open and you are encouraged to share our magical movement classes with your family and friends. If you have family and friends who are in other time zones. Please remind them we are in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Thank you for sharing.

Monday - mat day - Our Monday class sets the tone for our week. We will focus on joint mobility with loosing movements and old fashion stretching. Marvelous Monday!

Wednesday - chair day with or without weights. - You will be amazed at what you can do in a chair. Don't discount chair yoga. Not ours anyway, we find many ways to safely created magical movements that will improve flexibility, range of motion and build strength. We use light weights. 1 - 5 lbs weights "your choice" or none "empty hands". Wonderful Wednesday!

Friday - qigong, body energy work/talk - meditation - Don't miss Fantastic/Fabulous Friday. How well do you know your body? How well does your body know you? Today we build the good, better or best relationship with magical moves that release tension, tightness and stress held in the body. The best part is the actual conversation we have with the body. Hello, heart how are you? Thank you so much for all that you do, just for me. Keep the good work up. I love you. That's just the beginning, we travel the entire body and include the lymphatic system. You are going to love this :)

* You may opt to use a chair at any time.
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