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Yin Yoga
PLEASE NOTE - THIS CLASS RUNS FROM 5.15PM - 6.15PM - Zoom does not allow to set classes on the quarter hour which is why it says it starts at 5pm below.

Please note! You do not need to upgrade from free basic Zoom to participate in this class.

This is a quiet practice where postures can be held for several minutes with relaxed musculature to encourage fascia (connective tissue that is found everywhere in the body), surrounding bones, muscles, organs, ligaments and tendons, to ease and open. This can result in deep releases into tight spots and areas of holding and a deeper connection with the breath as the diaphragm and intercostal muscles may become less constricted. By releasing in this way, many people experience a profound sense of renewal, relaxation, well-being and a calm awareness of mind. This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience, including complete beginners.

A blanket and a cushion or pillow will be required and any yoga props you have to hand are useful but not essential.

Please let me know if you have any health concerns or injuries before the class.

Payment details will follow once you have registered. Please ensure you have paid before the class starts.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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