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#AH - How To Break Past the £2m Turnover Milestone
So you’ve made your first million. Now what?

As a small agency, it can be difficult to grow, especially without mass amounts of funding to help you do it.

We chatted to a few of our members who have passed the £2million milestone to ask them how they did it – and how they continued to grow afterwards.

“If you want to scale above that 1-2 million mark, you cannot be the one that is delivering,” says Matt Beswick, co-founder of Aira.

The challenge is, if you’re a small agency, you can't afford not to.

“It’s an entrepreneurial choice to bring someone on board who you can't quite afford,” says Justin Deaville, managing director at Receptional. “You can’t grow if you haven’t got the right people around you.”

“Get the best people that you can, and pay them well to make sure they feel incentivised to deliver on the things that you need.”

Join us as we discuss how small agencies can create sustainable growth without breaking the bank.

Nov 25, 2021 11:00 AM in London

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