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Neuroception and the Heart-Mind in Chinese Medicine: Insights from Polyvagal Theory.
Join Rosa N Schnyer in this webinar she will provide a general overview, key principles of polyvagal theory, and brief experience of polyvagal exercises that can further

Resilience, our ability to respond and recover from the challenges of daily living, depends in great part to the autonomic nervous system. The ANS interfaces with the world through neuroception, detection, without awareness. Our experience of life is mediated by this interface. Neuroception is the process involved in detecting cues of threat or safety and instantaneously shifting physiological state to support adaptive survival strategies.

This shift in physiological state is a fundamental part of mood and emotion regulation. Polyvagal theory emphasizes a bidirectional link between the brain and heart, a view supported by the EAM medicine view of the Heart, considered the Emperor of the bodymind. The Heart stands at the center of our quest for wellness, connection, and joy. The Heart is not only the mastermind of the life that courses through our veins, it also houses the highest functions of our mind: awareness, attention, cognition, memory and affect. The Shen is an expression of Heart and Mind, which are one in EAM.

Oct 21, 2021 11:30 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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