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Listen to 5-min lightning talks, and then join our meeting rooms to spark up a conversation with someone working in STEM outreach, research, marketing, education & more.

Confirmed Panellists

Arti Agrawal
Dr. Arti Agrawal is a thought leader on diversity and a promoter of equality for women and LGBTBIQ+ people. She is the Director of the Women in Engineering and IT program at UTS. She is also involved heavily with the IEEE, as Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion for IEEE Photonics Society.

Stephen Rutter
Stephen was a founding Head of Experience at Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, a $25m initiative of the NSW Government to seed next generation entrepreneurship and connect 12 Institutions, 700,000 students and over 200 campuses NSW-wide. Now, Stephen has built his own innovation consultancy, The Scale Institute, where he and his peers are designing innovative learning strategies and product development opportunities with a varied group of clients across Australia.

Janice Vaz
Janice Vaz is an international PhD student at Western Sydney University and a mentoring recipient of the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM. She has spent the last seven years researching animal welfare and educating the lay audience about the natural world. Through her mentoring, she has approached people and explored blogging as a way of reaching people.

Jackie Randles
Jackie’s role is to connect science and technology researchers and STEM engagement professionals with all kinds of organisations that can help extend the reach and impact of research knowledge and public programs. Building trust in relationships, brainstorming creatively and fostering enduring networks is key to this work, as is identifying new opportunities, finding ways to engage untapped audiences and articulating shared goals.

Sep 30, 2020 12:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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