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“4 Books in 4 Seasons” Retreat 1

Risale Academy Presents

2021 Winter Reading Camp 1
on “The Words” by Said Nursi

2-Day Virtual Retreat
December 18-19, 2021

Respect Graduate School is pleased to present its first effort, by the Risale Academy, to facilitate a virtual retreat on the works of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. Titled “Four Books in Four Seasons” this retreat is an attempt to introduce the four main books authored by Said Nursi: a 20th Century tafseer scholar who bore witness to transitions of modernity and Islam and then advanced a vital commentary bridging our understanding and rooting Muslims in this modern era.

The designated readings for this retreat are from the four core books of Nursi’s Risale-i Nur, or Epistles of Light, The Words, The Letters, The Flashes and The Rays. During this winter season we will read sections from The Words.

● All are welcome, however, due to the rigor of the camp we encourage those in university and beyond to attend.
● The language of instruction will be in English, and all texts will be read from English translation.
● Each session will be read out loud by an English speaker, in which all students are expected to follow the text. Following this, a different scholar of the Risale-i Nur will open up the topic further.
● The retreat will be colored with Kahoot Challenges, Jeopardy and Poll Everywhere sessions.

Iysha Arun, Ceyda Sablak and Tuleyb Sablak

Iysha Arun, Ihsan Sengel, Ceyda Sablak, Tuleyb Sablak, Isa Palamar, Zainebou Mbaye, Uğur Coşkun and Sümeyye İnce

Kerim Balci, Yusuf Bayram, Dr. Mahsheed Ansari, Dr. Mehmet Özalp, Dr. Yasir Bilgin, Dr. Züleyha Çolak, Dr. Muhammad Abdulghani, Tugba Kaya and Dr. Salih Yücel.
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