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Free Webinar: Identifying Leadership Competencies for Powerful Coaching
Empower World's Alumni Development Series

In coaching leaders and in organisations, do you look to explore leadership capabilities with people? Do leaders and organisations bring their own ideas to explore? ..Or do they look to you to give them structure and goals to work towards? Have you wondered what are some leadership competencies that are available for exploration through coaching?
In relation to the development of leadership and management skills in organisations, coaching can be extremely powerful. If coaching is incorporated within a structured leadership programme (and psychometric) there can be clear, identifiable goals to work towards which is very useful for a client.
This webinar will explore the ways in which to develop leadership competencies in organisations (and with clients), utilising coaching skills.

Patricia is a Doctoral student with Middlesex University, UK exploring the factors that constrain and improve behaviour in organisations. She is a coach with Empower-World working towards ICF accreditation. Patricia has completed Trauma Debriefing and Basic Counselling courses, and is an avid student of psychology (personality, abnormal, cognitive, social and occupational psychology).

Key speaking points:
Leadership competencies - in academic literature and through development workshops with employees.
How to define / write leadership competencies.
How teaching or development workshops may help support more learning through programmes / activity sessions.
How to use competencies within coaching - gap analysis / peer feedback / aligning personal definitions and capabilities / reflection activities.

Sep 28, 2020 12:00 PM in Qatar

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