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New Perspectives: Review and Q&A Session with Dr. Soumitra Basu
Please note that this Session is at no charge. However, donations are welcomed and participants will have a chance to donate after completion of Session.

Join us on January 31 and February 7 as Dr. Basu first recaps then deepens the major concepts presented during his New Perspectives webinar: The Descent into and Ascent from the Subconscious and Inconscient Realms.

On January 31, Dr. Basu will elaborate on the descent of CHIT-SHAKTI (consciousness-force) along three lines:
1. Non-evolutional or typal worlds
2. Personalities of the Divine
3. Avatar

On February 7th, Dr. Basu discusses the evolutionary process with emphasis on:
1. the nature and role of the Soul
2. the purpose of rebirth and Sri Aurobindo’s unique concept of karma
3. the New Being

There will be ample opportunity for interactive discussion and questions.
Please choose only one meeting to attend.

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