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Free 10-Min Training: 3 Steps to Calm Depressive Moods and Negative Self-Talk
Do you often feel emotionally drained because of your depressive moods? Has “be positive” been your motto for a while now? And somehow it feels like a fragile mask that can crumble anytime?

I’d love for your intention to be a long-term success. That’s why I’m doing this hands-on training.

To strengthen your mental health, you will need to involve your body, engage your creativity and infuse play! Because willpower alone is not enough, and you are a lot more than just your mind.

What would you do, if you woke up and felt excited about your day, that depressive emotions are no longer holding you back?

Would you feel more at ease and perform better as a leader?
… show up with confidence to serve others with your business?
… be more daring in making decisions without negative self-talk getting in the way?

In this 10-minute training, you’ll learn the steps I took as a depression survivor and business owner, inspired by mindfulness and creative therapy, to manage depression. I’ll share what works, what doesn’t, and three things you should never do.

If you are finally ready to finally take charge of your depression and negative self-talk, then register for free for this 10-minute training.

The training part of this event will be streamed to LinkedIn Live.
Afterwards there will be opportunity for Q&A which will not be streamed.

Jun 25, 2022 10:00 AM in Amsterdam

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