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SATURDAY Yoga with Sue
Breathe more deeply, lengthen and strengthen the body, switch off the mind!

All my online yoga classes are a combination of meditation and stilling the mind, with a gentle flow of physical movement through yoga asanas to bring a delicious stretch to the whole body.

The sessions will be appropriate for all levels, including beginners. I will be guiding the class, but of course will not have the facility to see as clearly or adjust you as I could in a face to face situation. Therefore, please listen to your own body more than you listen to me! Trust if something feels too much, or painful at any point, that you should pause and rest, coming out of the posture if necessary. Be aware of your surroundings and make as much space for yourself as possible, away from sharp table corners etc.
By registering, you agree to abide by these guidelines. Thank you!

Payment: I'm suggesting an £8 donation. If you feel you can afford a little more, I won't stop you! And if you are particularly struggling financially, please get in touch - as you probably need the yoga more than anyone else, I'd love to work something out for you.

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S.E. Devenish-Meares 30-94-41 01366953

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