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Regulating at Home
Regulating at home can be tricky, especially after a day of school and activities. Being around your child who is fluctuating in and out of regulation can look and feel out of control, overwhelming, dysregulating, and triggering for everyone in the family. Join us to learn what dysregulation is from a brainstem "inside-out" perspective, figure out what your child's regulation pattern is, talk about how a custom home program can support this, and start to create a regulation-supporting routine that makes sense for you and your child. This discussion will end by teaching you how to support your child's regulation through the evening and into bedtime. This presentation is most applicable for children under age 12, but the concepts are helpful for children, teenagers, and young adults of any age.

- Natalie Mannherz is a pediatric occupational therapist, piano teacher, ski coach, human developer, and a mother of two young boys. She was the founder of two private therapy practices in Boulder, Colorado for nine years before moving back to her Vermont hometown in 2021. Natalie specializes in sensory integration; she is constantly expanding her view of neurodivergence as she parents her neurodivergent child. Natalie identifies as neurodivergent with an ADHD diagnosis.

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Dec 7, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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