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A curatorial collaboration between Drama School Mumbai, Embodied Poetics and University of Cape Town’s Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies (CTDPS).
UNREHEARSED FUTURES (Season 3) #9 | From This Place to That Place: Re-directions of creative energy
Mwenya Kabwe | CTDPS in conversation with Nandita Dinesh | Author, 'This Place That Place'

Join us in a conversation with Nandita Dinesh where we will celebrate the launch of her first novel, 'This Place That Place'. The conversation will explore Nandita's journey from immersive theatre practice in zones of conflict to writing; and from performative writing to cross-genre, multidimensional writing with theatrical elements, tracing shifts and re-configurations of a creative identity.

Unrehearsed Futures is a series of public conversations between heads of drama schools and leading performance trainers from across the globe to discuss and address the new realities of teaching drama. These discussions look at pedagogical approaches to teaching in the absence of presence, the benefits and challenges of alternative technologies, formats and mediums as well as planning long-term learning journeys against an uncertain future.

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16 June, 2022:
16:00 UTC | 18:00 - Cape Town | 21:30 - Mumbai | 17:00 - London |
11:00 - Chicago

17 June, 2022: 02:00 - Hobart

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Jun 16, 2022 09:30 PM in India