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Online workshop: "Music/songs as a teaching tool" Led by Fabiane Lombardi
Music is all around us all the time. It has the fascinating capacity to involve, stimulate, soothe, cure, seduce and empower us from the earliest age to the last moments of our existence. Our first reactions to music and sounds happen when we are still in our mothers' wombs. Due to music's powerful influence on people, the marketing industry employs it as one of its main tools. So why not harness it to enhance classroom teaching in a fun way, leaving a positive memory on our students linked to what they've learned? In this workshop, we will share the benefits of music in language teaching as well as some activities to do in class with students.
Fabiane is a teacher of languages and has a Bachelor degree in Language, Literature and Culture with a major in English studies, a minor in the Portuguese language (Lisbon) as well as a “Master livello II” in Bilinguism (Italy). She is currently taking part in Montessori training. She teaches at Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande, two Associations called Raizes(Lausanne) and Tupiniquins(Fribourg), and offers private lessons to adults, teens, and children. She speaks 4 languages and studying French and German.
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