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V4Design - Horizon 2020 Research Showcase Event
McNeel Europe is pleased to host the first public showcase event of the ongoing EU Horizon 2020 research project “V4Design”. McNeel’s is part of the research consortium, that consists of various universities, research institutions and companies from all over Europe, such as Herzog & de Meuron Design Technologies and the University of Thessaloniki's architecture department (AUTH) as representatives of the user group. The aim of the event is to demonstrate the latest prototype of a new user-driven 3D reconstruction plugin for Rhino from still image and video footage, and find additional high-profile key testers in the field of the AEC, design and game development industry. Participants will get special insights over the past two years of the EU research project’s development and its current status. Enrolled key testers will receive access to the plugin’s closed beta phase to test their own use cases and will be mentioned in the project’s final publication.
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