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#AH – Do You Want to Build an Agency Empire?
What's going on with agencies building groups?

Lab founder Jonny Tooze has been building a little agency empire recently – adding Studio Blup and Reflect Digital to the Lab stable.

He's gone all-in on a group structure. (Now, Lab is no longer the name of the agency – it's the name of the group.)

In this session we'll ask Jonny what he's been up to, and get him to share the thinking and the wisdom behind it.

# What's the benefit of a group structure? (Why not just build one big agency?)
# How do these deals work behind the scenes?
# What infrastructure do you need so the cake sticks together?
his will be interesting if you can see a group structure in your agency tea leaves.

Oct 15, 2020 11:00 AM in London

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