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Art of Conscious Living and Dying~Osho Bardo Transmission of Eternal Truth with Swami Anand Bodhichitta
"This is an authentic transmission of the traditional Bardo teachings, revised to harmonize with the understanding and practices that Osho has gifted us with. It is the fruit of 53 years of continuous aspiration to understand and then manifest the Bardo teachings for modern man. Why wait for next life?" Bodhicitta Ke Pranaam

Swami Anand Bodhicitta aka Dr. Andrew Ferber, MD has been a disciple of Osho for 45 years. He is the Director of the Osho Institute for the Art of Living and Dying. He has studied the Bardo teachings for 45 years this life, mostly under the guidance of Kathar Khenpo Rinpoche. He formally received the teachings from Thrangu Rinpoche in Kathmandu in 1986, and was empowered to transmit them after doing the 49 day Bardo retreat. When he asked Osho how to modify them for contemporary minds, Osho said"You do it Bodhicitta, follow your feeling". He has been working on this for 35 years and is now ready. When he asked Kathar Khenpo 8 years ago how to modify the teachings, khenpo said "You understand the Western mind better than I do" and laughed.

Bodhicitta is a retired Assoc. Professor of Psychiatry from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has practiced psychiatry, energy healing and taught meditation for 63 years, on five Continents. He has been in Pune 1, Pune 2, the Ranch. He lived with Swami Yoga Chinmaya in Nepal, and again in the Indian Himalayas until 2007 when he returned to the West. He currently works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist in South Florida.

The content of the workshop is a mixture of ancient and contemporary techniques, selected Osho discourses, all to help you be as conscious as possible during the six bardos from death to death.

UK 4:00 PM

Jul 11, 2020 08:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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