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Pocket Wisdom - Mudra and Meditation Sessions
Our hands are an extension of our heart… the simple pleasure of holding a mudra can be a welcome hug from the Universe when needed to nourish mind, body and soul.

A mudra is a hand or finger position that locks and guides energy flow and nerve reflexes to the brain. Also known as ‘seals’ or ‘gestures’, mudras play a crucial role in moving prana – our life force energy and are a fundamental tool in Kundalini Yoga practice. Pre-language we communicated through gestures as a way to interact with nature and the world around us. Mudras are also code for the brain – to communicate within, not just outside of ourselves.

In these playful practical sessions you’ll experience:

• Different types of mudras
• How to practice mudras
• Using mudras to support healing and personal transformation

When we consciously combine mudras with mantras the effects of both the mudra and the mantra are accelerated and multiplied. This conscious placement of sound into the physical body is called Nyasa. Kirtan Kriya is perhaps the most common example of this. We’ll experience the effects of Kirtan Kriya in the first session and then explore a different mudra series each week.

I will open the meeting 5 minutes before, at 6.55pm, and will allow 5 minutes after the session for any questions.

Make sure your microphone is MUTED and video is ON.

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By joining me online you will be responsible for your own safety, wherever you are. Listen to your body and do what works for you.

All welcome. £5 per session or gift what you can (if you can) to: or email me for bank transfer option.

​If you're unsure if this session is suitable for you or you have another question, drop me an email ahead of the class at: or txt me on 07984 324262
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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