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FREE Mindfulness Session for Stress Relief
Welcome to this free 20-30 min Mindfulness Session.

Of all the types of meditation, many people find this type the easiest to relax in. It doesn't take a lot of concentration, you just follow my voice until you can visualize what I am talking about. Therefore this is a really good place to start if you've never meditated before and are looking for a way to relieve stress and anxiety.

What to do before dialing into the zoom call:
* Find a dark place or use an eye covering
* Ensure you are in a quiet location where you won't be disturbed
* Switch your phone to silent or even switch it off completely
* Get into a comfortable position either lying down or sitting

I also recommend the following optional things which will make your experience more relaxing and comfortable:
* Have some relaxing music playing in the background - preferably without words
* Light a candle or use essential oils to create a beautiful scent in the room
* Have blanket or other warm item as your body temperature may drop from sitting still for the full 30 mins

This is not a hypnosis, and you will be 100% in control of your actions, thoughts, emotions at all times. This is simply an exercise to guide you into a relaxed state where for the moment you can forget about the past and the future and just be.

I look forward to welcoming you to this regular session.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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