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Active Recovery Yoga for Athletes (Class begins 5:45 pm)
Class begins at 5:45 pm although registration says 5:30 pm.

"Props" (i.e., the wall, chair, blocks, straps, blankets) can be useful. I use all of the above however it is not required. Here's what I recommend:
- couple of yoga blocks or thick books (phone book,
dictionary) or even a couple of big cans of tomatoes.
- a yoga strap, long belt or resistance band
- a thick towel or blanket

In addition, from time to time, we'll be using "yoga therapy balls". You can use 2 tennis balls. Also have a long sock in which the balls can be placed inside, with the end tied to hold the balls in place. Sometimes we'll keep the balls inside the sack/sock or use them separately.
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