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"How We Saved £25k Through Recruitment Referrals"
“This year has probably been our most successful year for recruitment,” says Sophia Austin, head of people and culture at Indiespring.

Sophia was the brains behind Indiespring’s new recruitment referral scheme – which has seen the agency hire four new team members in just six months.

“Previously, we were heavily reliant on recruiters, but it was costing us a lot of money,” she says. “Post-Covid, we needed to get our costs down as much as possible, so we started offering a £2k net bonus for any referrals that we got through existing staff.”

The team took to it like a bee to honey, meaning Indiespring was able to hire like-minded candidates who slotted perfectly into the agency.

“We’ve probably saved about £25k,” says founder Rob Sandbach. “And that doesn’t account for the fact that, when someone refers, there’s unlikely to be a cultural problem. Whereas you're never quite sure when you're taking someone from the cold.”

In this session, Rob and Sophia take us through their new recruitment strategy and how it’s helped them keep costs low, grow their team and still maintain the agency’s culture.

Mar 9, 2023 02:00 PM in London

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