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Anousheh Alamir, ECARES
Effects of armed conflicts on intimate partner violence: Evidence from Mexico

This paper uses the unexpected and geographically heterogeneous rise in drug-related violence that occurred in Mexico since 2006 to analyze the effects of violent crime on intimate partner violence.
Combining UCDP’s georeferenced conflict data with survey data from Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics’ on household dynamics (ENDIREH), I use a difference-in-differences with heterogenous treatment effects methodology for the empirical analysis. Results show that women living in municipalities that experienced a surge in conflict-related homicides (either between drug-trafficking organizations or between them and governmental forces) saw a significant rise in the probability of experiencing physical violence, as well as threats of physical violence by their partners over the past twelve months. This phenomenon is mostly explained by a drop in women’s bargaining power within their household, as measured by an index that incorporates answers to thirteen questions regarding which partner makes the decision in various areas including the female spouse’s labor force participation.

Oct 14, 2022 12:15 PM in Brussels

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