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Emotional Resilience Jan 2021
6 Week Course: 'Mindfulness and Emotional Resilience.'

Learn to manage and channel your emotions peacefully and productively!

Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm
Jan 26th onwards

Register now in advance for this meeting (£40 registration fee)

This is offered in the spirit of *Pay-What-You-Feel* so you have the option to pay more at the end of the course. This course usually costs £100.

If you struggle with stress, anxiety, frustration or lack of motivation then this course is for you. I'm offering a live group course, worth over a hundred pounds, for only a £40 up front fee (to commit you in) and then you can pay-what-you-feel once the course is finished (including nothing extra!)

I'll teach you how to meditate and use techniques to overcome anxiety, frustration, guilt and shame.

Email​ with any questions.

"I’m loving the course - sad it’s coming to an end . So many useful coping mechanisms explained in a way that is fun and makes it “stick”. My favourite parts are the meditations!" - Lucie

Level 1 skills focus on understanding and channeling our
strong inner emotions to help us develop inner resilience and motivation for peaceful and powerful action.

Stress: What creates stress and how can we channel our energy better?
Habits: Change the fundamental habit of avoidance. Embrace life!
Anxiety: How do we work with anxiety to 'feel the fear and do it anyway?'
Guilt: Can we learn from our past and our emotions, instead of judging?
​Blame: Can we let go of blame and act peacefully and powerfully?
Shame: Can we overcome the inner critic and turn it into a superpower?

Register now in advance for this meeting
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