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#AH – Non-Stop Sales: How To Build Your Own Sales Team From Scratch
Joey Gilkey and Josh Earl started a business helping agencies get leads.

But two years later, they threw in the towel.

"We were generating leads – but agencies couldn't close them" says Josh.

What happened? Why not?

"Every agency SAYS they want more leads..."

"...but most agencies do not understand the amount of FOLLOW UP required to get something to happen."

"People would just send an email and expect a deal to magically materialise."

Josh points out that most of us are still treating leads the same way we treat referrals.

Big mistake: leads need workin'.
"Referrals are white-hot leads. They're a 'gimme putt' in golf. You have to really screw up with a referral to lose it."
"But LEADS are different. They have to be worked. We have a 10-point follow-up to make sure they book that first time appointment. But most agencies have no system at all to do that."
So Josh and Joey pivoted. Instead of finding leads for agencies, they now help agencies build an in-house sales function so they can do it all themselves.

They're doing a session with Agency Hackers where they'll explain how you go about doing this – the process, technology, people and assets.

There are a lot of insights in here you should pay attention to.

For example, you can't just hire a salesperson – you need certain processes, certain technology, and certain assets.

"Most agencies are bad at hiring and managing sales people" says Joey.

"Even if you DO find a 'diamond in the rough' salesperson, they're still probably not going to be successful – because you haven't given them a sales process. A sprinter needs a track to run on."

Could your agency need a sales team?

If all your business comes through "word of mouth" or random referrals, this will definitely get your brain whirring.

Sep 29, 2020 03:00 PM in London

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