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Oh, When Did I Take This Photo?
Join Space for Flows to discover and share random photos on your smartphone! This workshop feeds into an ongoing project aiming to counter the macro narrative of high politics that so often dominates and defines what this era is about.


Space for Flows would love participants of this session to share some of their small things forgotten and remembered for this session. If you would like to participate, after you have registered, please find in your phone gallery, one photo that you forgot you have, but now remember again after scrolling to find it for this submission. It can be of anything you like!

After you find that one photo, kindly submit it via . You must confirm you have the right to use the photo, and give your consent for its potential future use by Space for Flows . We will also send this information in an email reminder to everyone who signs up for the session. For any queries related to the photos and how they will be used, please contact:

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Oct 28, 2022 04:00 PM in Bangkok

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