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Dance for Health and PD
This class is led by a qualified and registered teacher, Katrina Rank. Katrina was professional dancer, has a Bachelor of Education and PhD in Dance. She holds current VIT registration and has taught Dance for 30-years.

The exercises in class are designed for at home practice. They are steady in pace and conservative in complexity due to the challenges of online teaching and learning. The instruction provided is general and not personal instruction. Though we may be able to see you, it is not the same as in a live class, so you will have to take more personal responsibility for the safety of your space and of your movements.

Please make sure you have at least 2 meters clear space around you in every direction, that the floor is clear of any objects or spills, that your chair is sturdy. You will need to be able to control the environment to a degree, being mindful of the sudden appearance of pets or people.

Ensure you are not close to any heat sources that may burn or scald you.

Set up your screen so that it is close to eye height and near enough to see the instructor clearly. Ensure you have the volume set up so that you can hear the instructions. Please enlarge the view of the teacher by clicking on the icon on the top right hand of your screen (speaker view).

Please go at your own pace and listen to your body. Take breaks when required and keep hydrated. If an exercise or action causes sharp or sudden pain, stop immediately, apply first aid and advise your teacher as soon as possible. Your actions are largely unsupervised so please make your own judgements, as you know your own body better than anyone.

Though this all may sound alarmist, please keep your phone nearby. Enter Katrina's mobile number 0416 383 865 into your contacts. In that way, if anything goes wrong and you need urgent help, we can support you.

Please note that the material in this video is copyright and has not been approved for sharing, or for third party recordings.
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