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Somos Luceros: Dancing with Versatility – An Embodied Exploration of Creative Range & Adaptability

Join us for Dancing with Versatility – An Embodied Exploration of Creative Range & Adaptability

Date: Sunday, October 10, 2021, 10:00AM PDT

Time Zones: 10:00AM PDT | 11:00AM MDT | 12:00PM CDT | 1:00PM EDT

Class is one hour.

Join us for Dancing with Versatility: An Embodied Exploration of Creative Range & Adaptability

We are celebrating my birthday week by revisiting the body of work I created for my last birthday :)

Last year I chose the word versatility as my one word intention for my birthday. For me, as with many of us, versatility began as a necessity – as a way to adapt to all that the year of the pandemic asked of us.

Versatility is our ability to embrace a variety of ways of being and doing. It is an optimistic perspective that says, “yes, there is more!” It allows us to turn from one application of an expression or experience to another, with ease. It hones our creative range. Versatility invites us to take a pattern and experiment with doing it differently. We become masterful at accumulating skill and molding it into something new. Versatility is how we honor a lifetime of practice, gathering, learning, refining and applying our gifts, skills, abilities, and talents to multiple areas of life with broad, deep and colorful strokes.

Let’s come together this weekend to revisit dancing versatility in community – exploring our creative range and ability to adapt known patterns in fresh new ways.

The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling. You are invited to receive the choreography, bring it into your body and make it your own.

Pay what you can in exchange for class:
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So looking forward to dancing with you.
- Jennifer

Oct 10, 2021 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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