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Silicon Valley Product Management Association
SVPMA: Rock Your Virtual Presentations: How to Rally an Audience to Zoom In Instead of Zone Out
Speaker: Mayla Clark, Executive Speaking Skills Trainer/Coach

Online presentations are tough enough by definition, but add 18 months of non-stop virtual meetings from home, and you are facing “Zoom Fatigue” every time you speak up or present at an online gathering of any size. Attention spans have shrunk and distractions are endless. How do you quickly and effectively get your message across? How do you keep audiences engaged and enthralled? How do you project a magnetic presence and energy when talking to a screen?

The key is to double down on communicating with clarity, confidence, focus, and brevity. Whether you’re launching a new product, shifting your business strategy, promoting your future product vision, or simply pitching a new idea, you need to master the best, proven strategies for keeping any audience constantly tuned in and stimulated.

This highly engaging and interactive presentation will give you the skills you need to galvanize your in-person or online audiences by crafting any amount of information into a relevant, easy to understand, and razor sharp message.

We will discuss how to:
-Give a brilliant structure to your presentation: A Top-Down Approach
-Boost your ability to convey a lot of information, in less time, without omitting critical details
-Seize your audience’s attention with a compelling logic-driven storyline that summarizes a wealth of data into actionable recommendations
-Learn the secret to laying out your position in the clearest terms, so decisions get made, funding is approved, and you wield greater influence in everyday communications
-Overcome the lack of in-person interaction and create an overall virtual environment that stimulates discussion and keeps people energized
-Don’t fall victim to “willful blindness:” Forgetting that you’re already communicating your message physically before you’ve said a word
-Bring your ideas to life by telling your compelling story with data and images that stick

Sep 15, 2021 06:30 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Silicon Valley Product Management Association
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