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'Mind Matters' Talk with Dr. Willem Kuyken
Title of talk: "Mental Health is a Fundamental Human Right Mindfulness (-based cognitive therapy): The story so far and a vision for the future."

The keynote will overview:
· Mental health as a fundamental human right.
· The key milestones in the development of MBCT in the last 20 years.
· The learning from an 8-year programme of work asking if a universal mindfulness training in schools can prevent depression and enhance resilience in adolescence aged 11-16
· The need to pay attention to theory and the research evidence, reframe our approach and respond with courage, humility and wisdom. This includes articulating clearly MBCT’s “warp and wefts,” the need to frame MBCT in a larger conceptual framework and focus our energies on where we can make the greatest positive impact.
· The evolution of MBCT as it is adapted to promote mental health in new populations and contexts
· A model for teaching MBCT for life
· Some of the “growing edges” facing the field

Sep 21, 2022 06:00 PM in Amsterdam

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