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Co-working Sprints
Even as a solo creator, you don't have to work alone as a member of In Creative Company. Once a month, you can join our virtual co-workers in Co-working Sprints. In Creative Co-founder Yelle starts each session by facilitating a goal-setting exercise. Then we work hard for a 45-minute sprint, come together for a 10-minute inspirational exercise """"break"""" to recalibrate, sprint again, then reflect and get feedback on the work we've completed. Together, we can mix accountability with productivity to get the job done.

As an attendee, you should feel like you had a productive 3 hours and are now inspired to work more effectively on your own.

Yelle first worked in-house distracted by office mates and micro-managing bosses. Then she worked as a freelancer isolated at her home office, corresponding with clients, but not fellow creatives day-to-day. This inspired Yelle and her Co-founder Drea to set up In Creative Company as a Creative Agency / Creative Collective hybrid that offered the best of both worlds. Support & independence is the creative way!

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Jun 28, 2022 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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