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Samudra Shakti ONLINE - August 8, 2021
Will Doran, Anusara Certified, presents on the 7 Aspects of the Divine.

At the absolute level there is only singularity and it is reflected in seven notable attributes. These can be studied and incorporated to a degree by we in the relative world as a means to reflect the Absolute from the inside out. Indeed, the gift of maya is that it is the separation of the Absolute into the relative, the very power and motivation for the individual’s journey home to unification awareness—the essence and purpose of yoga.

We explore how we may incorporate these attributes into our everyday life as a spiritual practice of expanding consciousness through our state of being.

1. Sat: Absolute unchanging truth of being and existence; that which really is, essence of being
2. Chit: Consciousness and self awareness; Prakasha (self-luminosity, the light of consciousness)
3. Ananda: bliss of creative power; Vimarsha (self-reflective power, mirror of consciousness); pure happiness
4. Shri: Auspiciousness of creative power; absolute goodness; the highest benevolence and sacredness
5. Svatantrya: Ultimate freedom to exist, to know and to create
6. Purnatva: Fullness, peace, perfection; not lacking anything
7. Spanda: Pulsation, polarity of energies, vibration, that which expands and contracts, explains how the Absolute becomes manifest

Aug 8, 2021 08:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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