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SHCI - Innovation Frontiers 2021
Society for HealthCare Innovation - SHCI & the University of California, Santa Cruz Crown College invites you to the Innovation Frontiers 2021. This is an outstanding opportunity to interact with leaders in #AI, #neurolink, #CRISPR, #blockchain, and #nanotechnology.

We will host David Koepsell from EncrypGen, Aalpen Patel from Geisinger, Gary Marchant from Arizona State University, Jin-Woo Kim from the University of Arkansas, Rozhkova Elena from Argonne National Laboratory, James Hughes from the University of Massachusetts Boston, Dr. James Giordano from Georgetown University, and Raymond McCauley from Singularity University.

We have an outstanding set of moderators including Nada Miljkovic, Jim Z Zhang, David Bernick, Chris Gray, Tyler Jaynes, Lucia DiNapoli, and Gabriela Sabaté.

The conference is scheduled to run in a 2 hour (14:00 – 16:00 EST) theme block every day with the following layout:
• Monday 10/25 Blockchain
• Tuesday 10/26 Nanotech
• Wednesday 10/27 AI
• Thursday 10/28 Neurolink
• Friday 10/29 CRISP/BioHacking

Upon registration, you can start exchanging ideas on our Discord channel Here you will have an opportunity to meet our speakers and converse with other participants.

The recording of the meeting will be available to SHCI members in FULL or to all public in an abbreviated version. However, you Have to REGISTER for the conference via ZOOM or to receive the link. Recording from Innovation Frontiers 2021 focusing on #AI implementation in #healthcare can be viewed at our YouTube channel.

Please consider becoming a member of SHCI and follow us here to be notified about future SHCI events.
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You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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