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SD Autumn School - Gender identity ideology. Why socialists should oppose a dogma which undermines women's rights, gay rights, free speech, and science
Last year a flood of Irish NGOs, including the Irish section of Amnesty International, launched a savage attack on new Irish feminist and LGB organisations. They denounced them as foreign agents and called for them to be excluded from the media and from political discourse because of gender critical views in relation to some aspects of gender identity ideology. For these critics, defending people who identify as Transgender from physical attack and discrimination is not enough. Questioning the metaphysical idea that sex is an internal feeling rather than a biological reality is seen as bigotry. Yet to go along means rejecting objective reality and wipes out the distinct category of woman making it impossible to defend women's rights, constantly under attack in Ireland. More generally it prevents rational debate and leaves the door open to a culture of intimidation and exclusion that alienates many and prevents the sort of political discussions workers movements must have to move forward.

Orla Ni Chomhrai is a long standing socialist and feminist activist. She has spoken and written extensively on this issue.

Oct 18, 2021 07:00 PM in London

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