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Online Event: Let’s talk “conversation” – it can’t be that hard, can it now?
How do you carry out conversation classes and keep them going beyond small talk? If your students are well-read, well-travelled, and well-educated, they certainly don’t want to talk about the weather and holidays every season! How to keep them motivated, engaged, and hooked so they keep coming back? Let’s ask Rita Donatsch-Kewal who has kept the “conversation” going for 11+ years and is still at it. In this session, Rita will share her ups and downs on this journey, the challenges she faces, and how she overcomes them, some of her “go-to” resources especially. when time is scarce.
Rita is a SVEB and CELTA qualified English teacher and a passionate learner of other languages. She has her own small language school “English4life-GR” in Graubünden and she also teaches at the “Klubschule” in Chur.
She’s originally from Tanzania and speaks 3 languages fluently and understands a few others. She’s been in Switzerland for 24 years now and doesn’t intend to relocate!
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