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How Are the Barn Swallow Chicks Doing?
Artificial Light at Night (aka, light pollution) is a global issue that affects all wildlife. Research shows that artificial light impacts birds' ability to navigate, mate and reproduce, and sleep at the appropriate time.

In chicks, artificial light activates cortisol (fight or flight) and glucose (blood sugar), while suppressing melatonin (sleep hormone), which could lead to issues stemming from lack of sleep and altered nutrient allocation. These issues especially effect the metabolic system, which could lead to various metabolic diseases, such as avian diabetes.

Murry Burgess is a wildlife biologist at NCSU. She is a member of NC State's Public Science Cluster - a group dedicated to making science more accessible and understandable. Her public engagement is informed by her lived experience as a Black woman from the Deep South pursuing a career in a predominantly white male field.

This is a joint event of the New Hope Audubon Society and the Capital and Headwaters Groups of the Sierra Club.

Oct 26, 2021 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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