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ZUMBA (60 Mins): Monday 9.45am PST
Thank you for registering for this class. If you are dancing on a carpeted area, please be sure that your shoes can move easily - you may need to test out using socks instead of shoes to see if that works better for you. Please be sure to have a space that you can move in safely without injury. Please note that this is a high energy class and that it is your responsibility to ensure you modify, rest and drink water when you need to.

To join these classes please ensure you set up an account on Zoom. You will need to register once and can then choose which classes to attend. You will be charged for each class that you are registered for whether you attend in person or not, as you will still receive the recording. The cost for this class is $5 or if you have a package it will be $4. The full recording of the class will be made available for you to use for two days, and you can use the recording as frequently as you like during that time. The link to the recording will be emailed as soon after the class as possible (technology permitting).

Please be reminded to do this workout safely, listening to all instruction and applying it to your own body. It is your responsibility to do this exercise class at an intensity level that is right for your body and any physical issues you may currently have. In order to join this workout, you agree that you are medically fit to do so and if necessary have received doctor's clearance to participate in this type of exercise. You are fully responsible for ensuring your space is safe to move around in and that your practice is done in a safe manner. Whereas Amanda conducts a safe practice, Amanda Billimore / Bmore Fitness accept no responsibility for any injury, death, damage to property or any other issue that may occur whilst doing this class. By continuing with your booking, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.
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