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MARCH Mediation Free CLE: Child Support (MO Form 14) and Beyond...
7th Circuit Commissioner Sherrill Roberts and Bob Gordon, JD

Fri, February 4, 2022, 12pm-1pm
Cost: FREE
1.2 CLE MO Bar Approved

This CLE will focus on various specific subjects related to Form 14, child support calculation, and particular issues of importance for mediators to keep in mind when mediating the issue of child support.

After this segment of the program, participants will:

*Understand and be able to utilize various methods of determining the correct figure to use as a parent’s gross income for purposes of calculating child support, particularly in circumstances of unemployment, under-employment, or temporary/sporadic employment.

*Understand and be able to utilize the correct method for calculating health insurance premiums attributable to children.

*Understand and be able to determine the correct overnight visitation credit percentage to provide to the paying parent based on various parent plan arrangements.

*Understand and be able to correctly apply the guidelines and rules related to providing credits for payment of, and receipt of, other child support obligations and appropriately addressing other children in each parent’s household.

*Understand how payment of expenses for the child(ren) outside of child support may affect the child support calculation, and potential rebuttal of the presumed correct child support amount.

*Understand the distinction between rebuttal and rejection of presumed correct child support amounts, and when it may be appropriate to ask the Court to rebut the presumed correct amount.

*Understand and appreciate the importance, impact, and perils associated with incorrect calculation of child support, setting up unrealistic expectations, and waiver of the right to receive child support in the course of mediation.

*Understand what is included/excluded in the definition of “extraordinary

Feb 4, 2022 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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