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Astrological Timecycles in History
This talk is not about events or event charts - it's about ongoing cycles that grind through history and shape it, in particular their pattern-setting crunch-points, the rise and fall of cultures and civilisations, historical megatrends and the underlying collective psychodynamics behind historical developments.

Palden will be looking especially at the mutual motions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and will go through the principles involved, illustrating it with a series of charts of crunch-points in time over the last two centuries since the French Revolution.

This is nothing less than something historians have a serious allergy to: a theory of world history!

Palden Jenkins is author of many books including Living in Time (1987), Power Points in Time (2014) and The Only Planet of Choice (1993). He lives on an organic farm at the far end of Cornwall and he has a new book emerging this year called Shining Land, about megalithic civilisation in West Cornwall. His cancer blog is at

Although the intro starts at 7.25pm please join from 7.15pm so you can settle in or say hello to other attendees. After the webinar ends at around 8.45pm there will be a further half an hour in which you are free to 'hang out' in the company of fellow astrology enthusiasts and join in or listen to relaxed astro-conversation.

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Jul 1, 2021 07:15 PM in Greenwich Mean Time

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