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Somos Luceros - Shake It Out and Let it Go: An Embodied Dance Exploration of Relaxed Power
Join us for Shake It Out and Let it Go: An Embodied Dance Exploration of Relaxed Power

Date: Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 10AM PST
Both days: 10:00AM PST | 11:00AM MST | 12:00PM CST | 1:00PM EST

Class is one hour.

This class is a fusion of Somos Luceros and the synovial fluid movement repertoire from Shake Your Soul (Leven Institute).

Power is energy and the fluid systems in our bodies provide us with different qualities of energy that allow us to express our power in a variety of ways.

Synovial fluid is the fluid between our joints. When our joints are lubricated, flexible and relaxed, there can be easy smooth flow throughout our body.

Relaxed power can be unfamiliar territory for many of us, especially if we are accustomed to seeing power as visibly muscled, assertive, rigid, uncompromising and perhaps inflexible. We may also notice that the fear of losing our power makes us clench, hold, and tighten.

Relaxed power allows us to feel calmness and comfort while exuding a self-trust in how we move through the world. There is no worry about getting it "wrong"/making a mistake, exerting control, or holding on tightly. This type of power invites us to be grounded and in our center while also being loose, free, open, flexible, and playful.

In this class we will be invited to soften and release rigidity, tightness, clenching, and hardness in our bodies. We will wiggle, jiggle, shimmy, shake it out, let it go, and and cultivate free-flowing playful relaxation. I hope you can join us!

The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling. You are invited to receive the choreography, bring it into your body and make it your own.

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So looking forward to dancing with you.
- Jennifer

Nov 13, 2022 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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