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LabStorm #183 - GatherFor
GatherFor is grounded in the idea that in community, we have everything we need. We've been piloting in Brownsville, Brooklyn, where we've been organizing people living in the same neighborhood into teams of 5-7 to support one another like families. These "Neighbor Teams" gather weekly or biweekly to share stories, define goals, and collaborate to achieve them. They've started businesses together, pooled funds to pay off bills, watched each other's kids, talked one another through depression and even suicidal thoughts, held game nights and picnics, and more. To support them, GatherFor provides them with:
• $300 / month to be used in any way the whole team agrees
• digital infrastructure and up to $500 / month in matching funds to run a susu (this is practice in which the team pools funds with equal contributions from each member, with the total pool being matched by GatherFor and then given to one member each month on a rotating basis to use however they need).
• requested workshops on topics like housing, immigration, financial planning, surviving domestic violence, and community organizing.
• a printed workbook with prompts and activities for self-facilitated Neighbor Team meetings
• monthly Town Hall meetings (including free food), that allow all Neighbors to share best practices from each Neighbor Team and opine on the future direction of GatherFor.

Discussion Questions:
1. How do people feel about engaging in an action where cultural revolution is the desired outcome?
2. What does the community need to feel like they can trust New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)? What does NYCHA need to consistently follow through for the community?
3. What needs to happen for community members to feel like they want to be a part of a neighbor team?

Apr 6, 2023 10:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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