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In Conversation: Ignacio Gatica
Ignacio Gatica in conversation with Magdalyn Asimakis | Cooper Cole

Ignacio Gatica’s practice investigates the parallel economic restructuring in the United States and Chile. Gatica's new work, on view at Cooper Cole, began in the winter of 2020 when he traveled to Chile to renew his US visa. As the early stages of the pandemic set in, Gatica waited and watched as banks began to board up their facades. This was in the context of protests initiated by the increasing of subway fares in 2019. He photographed the banks, eventually amassing hundreds of images. When he returned to the US, Gatica found resonance in the shuttered shops of New York’s SoHo district, and documented this temporary architecture, as well. Gatica later printed his photographs onto ‘credit cards’ with magnetic strips that, when swiped, transcribe phrases written by unknown citizens on public walls near each site. In the face of boarded up banks and empty SoHo storefronts, the credit card became an artifact of a cyclically failing system of relations. Through this work, Gatica positions capital as dysfunctional and abstract, and community voices—both through language and at large—as enduring.

Oct 5, 2021 12:00 PM in America/Toronto

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