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Monday 9:30am: TrueForm Mindful Fitness with Erin
TF Mindful Fitness weaves both isotonic (small range of motion) and isometric (no motion) movements. Using light hand weights to build strength, the class focuses on improving balance and posture by combining yoga poses with stamina and stretching segments blended to offer you a safe and unique combination of movements. Class concludes with a mindful savasana, is appropriate for all ages, and is a great compliment to a yoga practice. Modifications are offered.

What props you need for class:
A chair or a counter to be used as a barre, a stretch strap (or tie/scarf), block (or cushion), hand weights (or canned goods), a fitness ball for thighs (or throw pillow), and a mat. A resistance band is sometimes used in the class but optional.

How to pay:
A first time Student can drop in for $15. Email to prepay prior to the class.
Please choose only one meeting to attend.
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