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The Austrian Cinema during the Nazi Regime: Between Alliance and Resistance
The Ghetto Fighters' House invites you to a special "Talking Memory" program marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Austrian Cinema during the Nazi Regime: Between Alliance and Resistance

Guest Speaker:
Prof. Klaus Samuel Davidowicz

In conversation with:
Dr. Dana Masad

Much has been said about the use of films during the Nazi rule as a way to disseminate the regime's ideas. From the beginning of his reign, Hitler invested many resources in the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda in order to propagate movies that would strengthen the public support of the "new order". Unlike the interest in German films, there is almost nothing on the Austrian film industry of the same period. Prof. Klaus Samuel Davidowicz, an expert in cultural studies and Judaism, will be in conversation with Dr. Dana Masad, a lecturer in Israel Film. They will discuss the less known side of the annexed country - the Austrian filmmaking industry during the Nazi regime.

Klaus Samuel Davidowicz is a German cultural scientist and professor of Jewish studies at the University of Vienna in Austria. Along with Frank Stern, he is the director of the "Jewish Film Club Vienna" and, together with Frank Stern and Ernst Kieninger, the founder of "Film/University" at the Filmarchiv Austria. He is also a teacher for Jewish history at the Viennese Jewish School.

Dana Masad is a lecturer in Israel Film, at the Department of Literature, Language and the Arts at the Open University, Israel.

This program is in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Israel.

9:00 PM Israel
2:00 PM EST
11:00 AM PST
7:00 PM GMT

Jan 23, 2022 09:00 PM in Jerusalem

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