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[WOODBURN WEBINAR] Creating your eCommerce business model
Join Kristina Koehler-Coluccia from Woodburn Accountants & Advisors for this webinar.

The ecommerce landscape has changed rapidly over the years. With an increase in e-commerce activity, consumer complaints and speculations of unfair competition on the rise, it is only natural that the Chinese government has taken notice.

For a foreign company seeking to start a, eCommerce business in China, it is crucial to closely examine the fast-changing landscape. In this webinar we will be looking at the new era for China’s eCommerce, business models to start an eCommerce business in China, the importance of applying for an ICP license (if needed and applicable), the benefits of China’s eCommerce regime and what to watch out for when choosing eCommerce platforms in China.

Join our webinar to learn more about creating your China eCommerce business.

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