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Part 6 - The Power of Imagination Serie, by Minako Seki
At 4 pm ( Barcelona / Paris / Berlin)
90 minutes every day.
You can choose to attend 1, 2 or 3 days.
You don't need to have participated in any other workshop to join us!

This workshop is open to every body, from 8 to 88 years old, who likes to dance with a playful heart!

10. July 2020 : SEAWEED
11.July 2020 : ALL BODY AS BIRD NECK

• We will open the meeting 30 minutes before, at 3:30 pm. I believe that through our consciousness we can transform our body in a SACRED TEMPLE. So here comes one recommendation : I advice you to see your room as the TEMPLE of a SACRED SPACE. You may clean the floor before the practice, and you might like to light a candle or burn some incense. You can meditate in this room to fill the space with your beautiful energy. Before the workshop starts, you can do some stretching and warming up. LOVE THE SPACE OF YOUR BODY, LOVE THE SPACE OF YOUR ROOM.

• Make sure your microphone is MUTE, and your video is ON. Click on the SPEAKER VIEW, to have Minako in the big picture.

• By joining Minako Seki Online Workshop , you declare being in a good shape and being responsible for your own safety. Please be gentle with yourself:)

• This workshop is based on donations. To support our work in these challenging days, you may consider making a donation.
Our recommended donation is 15 € per class. If you have no income due to the crisis, you do not need to pay anything. Those who have a little, pay a little and those who have a lot, pay a lot;) And please help us to advertise our workshop so that together we can have a lot of fun, heart and good vibes in the world. Thank you so much !

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Minako Seki
IBAN: DE14 4306 0967 1163 1297 00

I am really looking forward to see you on the screen and vibe together all around the planet !!

Much love!
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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