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'Mind Matters' talk with Dr. Barry Kerzin
"No Center, No Edge: Letting Go of a Fixed Identity"

We live our lives wearing blinders. Blinders narrow our experience by limiting our perspective. We take for granted that we are “here” and everything else is “over there.” Is this true? This egocentric perspective assumes that “I” am the center of the world, and everything revolves around “me.” Yet the next person assumes the same around her / she / him / he / they / them. And the next person, and the next person …

Taking off the blinders opens our perspective to the vast expanse of reality. Nothing short of total relaxation and alertness are required. Letting go of our attachment to experiencing the world through our eyes, ears and senses is required. This perspective which we adopt most of the time, takes us outward utilizing the first five primary minds associated with the senses. Dropping into the 6th mind of mental consciousness, which is independent of the senses, takes us inward. This 6th primary mind has levels of subtlety. Grossest is thinking, using concepts. Subtler is the nonconceptual mind. Subtlest is the nondual mind. Meditating on the subtle levels of the 6th mind brings inner peace and moves us towards enlightenment.

Falling down the rabbit hole we leave the world of “here” and “there.” There is no center. There is no edge. There is only pure being. Let’s explore pure being together.

May 25, 2022 03:00 PM in Amsterdam

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